Welcome to the DiGioia Gray Point Cloud Viewer!

The DiGioia Gray Point Cloud Viewer is a browser-based point cloud renderer for large data sets. Processing LiDAR, photogrammetry or any other data that comes in the X, Y and Z format requires special and expensive software that the end-users (our clients) don’t necessarily have access to. Point clouds are georeferenced and full scale and a variety of measurements can be performed and exported to DXF format. These measurements include; angles, XYZ point information, distance, height and area. You can even cut cross sections through data sets and export the profile as a comma-delimited file for import into your CAD software.

The point cloud viewer can be used to display construction progress on large earthwork projects, to get a boots-on-the-ground view of the anatomy of a landslide or even render conceptual projects into fully colorized point clouds so that all stake-holders have the opportunity to weigh in with their ideas. We are also working on integrating other types of geophysical data such as data from aeromagnetic surveys.

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